Certification status

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Certification status
Name of Certification Certification Number Description
Venture Company 20190100955 Korean Venture Capital Association
ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 Q173613, E081513 Manufacturing and sales of reinforced plastic
ISO 9001:2015 Q274919 Design, development and manufacturing of reinforced plastic products
DNV Type Approval TAK000004F CSPM16C GRE Adhesive Bonding System
KR Type Approval TYG31011-GP001 GRE PIPE (TYPE :CSPM16C)
Utility model registration certificate 212244 Vortex forming port for water supply pipe
Utility model registration certificate 392754 Filament winding forming device
Patent 10-0629959 Filament winding forming device and forming method
Patent 10-0591732 Filament winding forming method
Patent 10-1548600 Multiple composite PIPE with excellent wear resistance and manufacturing method