Technical Information

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Technical Information

Technical Information

Technical Information

FRP stands for Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastics and is a composite material that is hardened
by mixing unsaturated polyester resin with glass fiber as the main reinforced material.
Excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance are widely used in all industries of petrochemical, architecture, leisure, automotive industry, and environmental business, and are classified into GRP, GRVE, and GRE depending on the type of resin used.

Characteristics of Resin

Basically, FRP pipes have excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance,
and are easy to install and manage because they have about one fifth of the weight of iron pipes.

- Polyester Resin
- Excellent price competitiveness
- Light weight
- Long Life
- Vinylester Resin
- High chemical resistance
- Low maintenance costs
- Long Life
- Epoxy resin
- High Physical Properties
- Excellent corrosion resistance
- Low Chickenpox Loss
- Very long life span
Manufacturing Method

1. Hand Lay Up

After applying this brother to the brother, use Laura to do it. Surface Mat is stacked, and Mat, Roving Clot, etc. is stacked to the required thickness and required strength. The strength or thickness can be changed as necessary because the composition of the fiber can be partially changed or other reinforcing materials can be added during the process. It is a common molding method with a wide application of complex shapes or small to large.

2. Filament Winding

Apply strength to the spinning mandrill and wind it and cure it.
Resin content can be controlled, and products with excellent mechanical strength can be produced by generating various patterns.

3. Sheet Molding Compound

The material made by mixing resin, water festival, hardener, heterozygous, and glass mat is cut into molds and heated and pressurized with a press. It has excellent mechanical strength, workability, water resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal deformation temperature, and thermal aging. SMC is applied to relatively large and high-strength molding products.

4.Bulk Molding Compound

The mixture of resin, water festival, hardener, heterozygous, filling agent, and glass fiber is injected into the mold and heated and pressurized with a press. BMC is a relatively small part and has many complex shapes, and has excellent electrical properties, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, thermal deformation and aging, and surface gloss.